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The following fom will submit your website for possible inclusion in the Norfolk Search Engine search index.

All submissions are manually checked by a human being before they are listed.

Automated submissions are not accepted. To combat the rise in automated link spamming, the site submission service includes safeguards against automated submission tools.

Any abuse or spamming of this facility will result in being permanently banned from this web site, as well as an abuse notification to your internet service provider.

Norfolk Search Engine only covers Norfolk, England and the surrounding area. Our policy is to include sites from organisations, individuals and companies which are based in and around Norwich. We will also accept web sites from larger, national companies IF they have a presence in Norfolk. Any sites which do not fulfil this criteria will be rejected. As every submission is checked manually, it may take up to 2 weeks for your site to be listed, however in the vast majority of cases the time will be much shorter.

Inclusion in the search index is not guaranteed, and our decision is final. If you have any queries about our submission policies, please contact us and we will be pleased to offer any assistance.



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